What are Cocktail Infusions?

A "cocktail infusion" is the process of infusing a spirit with various fruits, herbs, seeds, and even flowers to create a unique flavor profile. Infused liquors are great to pair with tonic water or use it as the base to create your own custom cocktail.

Cocktail infusions were once known as cordials, tonics, and medicinals that were mostly used by apothecaries which combined various spirits with medicinal herbs and spices. The focus of these infusions were to soothe upset stomachs, headaches, and even offer numbing for pain. Of course, as people became "buzzed" by indulging on these elixirs, the desire for flavored alcohol grew (mostly beer and wine at the time).

Fast forward to today, infused liquors and mixers have become an art form when enjoying a craft cocktail at your favorite restaurant. Now, you can enjoy a craft cocktail at home & get creative in your kitchen with our handmade infusions!

A little history of fête: 

Fete Savannah

Fête Savannah opened in December 2017 as a bachelorette planning business! We organized everything for your trip to Savannah - decorations, lodging, itineraries, discounts/perks with local businesses, and more!

After running Fête Savannah for several months & working with brides on the bachelorette trips, Marguerite wanted to get more involved in the wedding industry.

Fete Chalet

In May of 2018, Fête Chalet ("party house") was introduced into the mix - a vintage camper renovated into a mobile bar for weddings, events, and parties of all sizes! Marguerite still owns & operates the camper, Thelma!

With all of the unexpected changes & down time due to Covid-19, Marguerite was able to experiment with cocktails & recipes in the kitchen - and voilà: Fête was born!

Marguerite wants to offer a new (yet classic) way to enjoy cocktails: sipping on natural herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of spirits rather than masking them with sugars & artificial flavors.

Stay tuned to see what else is in store for Fête!